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A Terrible fire accident was occurred to scheduled caste people by residents of upper caste for demanding a wage increase at Keelavenmani village. Following to that, Ms. Ambujam, A Gandhian and Disciple of Shri Vinoba Bhave realized that something should be accomplished to ensure equal opportunities to all. Consequently she founded Avvai village welfare society (Avvai) in the year 1976 having in mind the upliftment and empowerment of marginalized groups such as children, women, elders and disaster affected.  The organization was registered under Indian Societies Registration Act XXI of 1860 in the year 1978.

Since then, Avvai village welfare society has grown to become a very big people centered organization working on right based approach in the sectors of Education, Health, Women empowerment, Livelihood, HIV/AIDS, Child rights & protection, Micro finance, Micro insurance, advocacy & lobbying and disaster mitigation.

Avvai has comprehensive programmes for children, women and elders with the support of State and Central Government and INGOs. Avvai has executed several advocacy activities to protect rights and entitlements of downtrodden. It has promoted many Community Based Organizations and strengthened its functions to ensure sustainability of the projects.

With regard to Tsunami response, Avvai feel proud of its committed intervention for the disaster affected with comprehensive programmes.  Avvai has supported the community through rehabilitation measures as well as long-term actions such as child development, child protection, livelihood support, formation and strengthening of community based organizations, land reclamation, coastal plantation, formation & capacity building of task force committees, preparation of disaster mitigation plans, installation of early warning systems etc. The staff strength increased three fold, innovative actions had been undertaken, dynamic relationships had been promoted with new partners and deprived communities had been reached with comprehensive projects.

Avvai extend its gratitude to all Government Departments, National NGOs, International NGOs, Community Based Organizations and other like minded people who have joined hands with us towards achieving our vision by financial & technical support and valuable participation


Upliftment of the marginalized sections of society in India through supportive services


Enhancing equitable and self-sustainable opportunities in the areas of education, health, livelihood, gender, challenged and environment through community based organizations to the marginalized sections including disaster affected.

Awards and Recognition:

In appreciation of excellent work towards implementing comprehensive and people centered sustainable programmes for the marginalized sections of society, AVVAI has been conferred with the following awards, which act as a catalyst for Avvai to strive for rendering better services to the marginalized.

  • State Level Award to Avvai for Excellent performance under SHG-Bank Linkage Programme-2006-07 from NABARD.  (Avvai retains the State Level Award from the year 2000-01)

  • District Level Award for Best NGO in Skill Development for SHGs- Thiruvarur- 2003-04

  • Social Responsibility Award to Avvai for implementing community based programmes for senior citizen from the Excellency Shri. Surjith Singh Barnala, Former Governor of Tamil Nadu.

  • Award from HelpAge India & NDTV Viewers for best performance under Elders Rehabilitation Project

Honors conferred:

AVVAI has been nominated to the following prestigious Government Committees in recognition of the service rendered by the organization.

  • State Level Organization for Rashtriya Sam Vikas Yojna

  • District Level Steering Committee for the Banks, Nagapattinam

  • District Level SGSY Committee, Nagapattinam

  • Committee member in Child Labor Squad, Nagapattinam

  • District Project Coordination Committee for Mahalir Thittam, Nagapattinam

  • Anti- Liquor Committee, Nagapattinam

  • Committee member for the Elimination of Child Trafficking and Women Prostitution

  • Service provider for Domestic Violence Act 2000

  • Governing Board member, DRDA, Nagapattinam

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