Annual Report 2009 - 20010 . . .

Vision Mission
Honours Conferred
Children Programme
   Child Protection Project
   Child Development Project
   Preschool Education
Women's Programme
  Women Empowerment Programme
   Vidiyal - Family Counselling Centre
   Adikalam - Short Stay Home for Women
  Marumalarchi Swadhar Home
Health Programme
   De-Addication Cum Rehabilitation Programme
   Nagapattinam Resource Center
   Puthumalar - Prevention of alcoholism and substance [drugs] abuse
Elder Programme
   Anubavam Home for Aged
   Sponsor a Granny Programme
   Ambujam Home for Aged
   Multi Service Centre for the Aged
Livelihood Programme
   Agricultural Support Service Center
   Animal Husbandry
   Insure Lives and Livelihoods Program
   Support and Services to Salt Dependent Community
   Kakazhani Watershed Development Programme
   Vulnetability Reduction of Coastal Communities
   Participatory Disaster Proofing For Tsunami Affected Traget Villages

Paper Clips
Partener Agencies

   Introduction . . .

A Terrible fire accident was occurred to scheduled caste people by residents of upper caste for demanding a wage increase at Keelavenmani village. Following to that, Ms. Ambujam, A Gandhian and Disciple of Shri Vinoba Bhave realized that something should be accomplished to ensure equal opportunities to all. Consequently she founded Avvai village welfare society (Avvai) in the year 1976 having in mind the upliftment and empowerment of marginalized groups such as children, women, elders and disaster affected. The organization was registered under Indian Societies Registration Act XXI of 1860 in the year 1978.

Since then, Avvai village welfare society has grown to become a very big people centered organization working on right based approach in the sectors of Education, Health, Women empowerment, Livelihood, HIV/AIDS, Child rights & protection, Micro finance, Micro insurance, advocacy & lobbying and disaster mitigation.

Avvai has comprehensive programmes for children, women and elders with the support of State and Central Government and INGOs. Avvai has executed several advocacy activities to protect rights and entitlements of downtrodden. It has promoted many Community Based Organizations and strengthened its functions to ensure sustainability of the projects.

Avvai extend its gratitude to all Government Departments, National NGOs, International NGOs, Community Based Organizations and other like minded people who have joined hands with us towards achieving our vision by financial & technical support and valuable participation.

   Vision Misson . . .

Upliftment of the marginalized sections of society in India through supportive services

Enhancing equitable and self - sustainable opportunities in the areas of education, health, livelihood, gender, challenged and environment through community based organizations to the marginalised sections including disaster affected.

  Objectives :
  • To ensure rights of children, women, socially and physically challenged and
    disaster affectedTo promote sustainable development through education, health, livelihood,
  • disaster relief and rehabilitation, de-addiction and community organization activities
  • To promote gender equity and promote socio-economic betterment of women through the development of community based organizations and federating them in collaboration with Govt and other organizations
  • To network with community based organizations, civil society organizations, local, State and Central Govt and national and international NGOs to achieve the vision and mission of the society
  • To carry out advocacy efforts on behalf of children, women and elders
   Awards . . .

State Level Award to Avvai for Excellent performance under SHGBank Linkage Programme 2006 - 07 from NABARD. (Avvai retains the State Level Award from the year 2000-01)

District Level Award to Avvai for Best NGO in skill Development for SHGs - Thiruvarur - 2003 - 04

Social Responsibility Award to Avvai for implementing Community based Programmes for senior citizen from the Excellency Shti. Surjith Singh Barnala, the Governor of Tamil Nadu.

Best Performance Award to Avvai for implementing Elders Rehabllitation Programme in Tsunami affected areas by HelpAge India and NDTV viewers in the year 2006-07

District Level Manimegalai Award to Best SHG-Promoted by Avvai 2007-08

   Honours Conferred . . .

Avvai has been nominated to the following prestigious Government Committees in recognition of the service rendered by us

  • District Level Steering Committee for the Banks, Nagapattinam.
  • District Level orphanage Committee, Nagapattinam.
  • District Level SGSY Commottee, Nagapattinam.
  • Committee member in Child Labore Squad, Nagapattinam.
  • District Project Coordination Committee for Mahalir Thittam, Nagapattinam.
  • Member in Anti-Liquor Committee, Nagapattinam.
  • Committee member for the Eliminatin of Child Trafficking and Women Prostitution.
  • Governing Board member, DRDA, Nagapattinam.
  • Advisory Committee for the District Orphanage.
  • Advisory Committee for Control of TB.
  • Service Provider for Domestic Violance Act.

Strengthen the existing Community Based Child Protection Mechanisms and Structures
for effective intervention and sustainability in coordination with Village Watchdog Committee
and Panchayat Raj Institutions


  • To orient Village Watchdog Committee members (VWC) and Panchayat Raj Institutionsmembers (PRI) on Child Rights, Child Protection, need for CPC and their role in protection of children at village level.
  • To orient Child Protection Committee members (CPC) on role and responsibilities of
    VWC / PRI and Allied System
  • To create platform for an interface between Children and CPC and VWC / PRI / Allied System Personnel / Block & District level Government Institutions for sharing of present status of children and their protection issues.

Activity report:

12 Orientation programmes for VWC & PRI (Village Watch-dog Committee & Panchayat Raj Institution) were conducted and 397 VWC & PRI members were participated. The participants were oriented on child rights, child protection issues, legal provision and their roles on protecting children at village level.

06 Orientation for Child Protection Committee (CPC) on roles and responsibilities of VWC / PRI and Allied Systems were conducted and 281 members were participated in the programme. As a result, CPC handled 12 child protection issues with the support of VWC, PRI members and allied system.

In order to create protective and safe environment for the Children, the project conducted 06 interface meetings between children and CPC/VWC/PRI members and 234 were participated. The interface meeting helped children to understand about adult roles and the action taken for the reported child protection issues.

The project has conducted 03 interface meeting between CPC and VWC/PRI/Allied system and 128 were participated. The meeting helped CPC members to understand roles of VWC/PRI and allied system like Childline, Police Department, Education and Integrated Child Development Scheme etc and created smooth way to address child protection issues with the help of other allied system.

02 orientation programmes for District level officials and 03 programmes for Block level officials were conducted and 265 members were participated. The programme educated on importance of linkage between CPC and VWCs and how these committees could compliment each other and ensure child protection in a constructive way at village level. As a result, 8 child protection issues were reported to Child Helpline.

01 Consultation with District Heads was conducted and 48 District level officials were participated. The programme highlighted various measures of the State Government, the legal provisions of Indian Penal Code and other legislations including the Juvenile Justice (Care and Protection of Children) Act, 2000, which has been further amended in 2006.

The project conducted a Child Rights Week celebration at cluster and project level and thereby 126 children were participated. At cluster level, the children brought out village level issues through group discussion and at project level advocated with political leaders and community stakeholders about the issue..


The CPC and children group formed already has strong base and has valuable experience over addressing child right violation issues. The activities executed at this project period ie from June 2009 to March 2010 made the CPCs independent and self sustain. Moreover, integration with existing child right forums like Watch-dog committees, CWC, Childline 1098 etcstrengthened its confidence to address any child protection issues reported by children groups and other stakeholders.

   Nagai CHILDLINE . . .

Facilitate the functioning of child helpline1098 to help the children in distress in
Nagapattinam District by the year 2012

     To ensure that helpline calls reach the call centre from all the existing 36 wards panchayats including private mobile operators by March 2010.
    To create and sustain awareness about childline 1098 and its activities through open houses, publicity materials, linkages, school campaign, SHGs, etc in all the 36 wards by March 2010
     To work in collaborative with allied systems the NGOs, CBOs, SHGs, Child Welfare Committee and Childline India Foundation (CIF) etc., to facilitate best service to children by March 2010


Conducted awareness programme on Chidline-1098 at 29 wards of Nagapattinam District by adopting different methodologies like puppet show, street theatre and IEC materials. The programme covered 203 ward members, 1780 general public, 18 municipal counselors, 299 lorry, van & auto drivers and 1261 SHG members. Totally 1302 childline handbills were distributed to the participants. As a result of the programme, 31 intervention calls were received to the project.

The project sensitized 24 school children on childline-1098 and 4878 children were benefited (Boys: 2407 & Girls:2471). The programme covered 10 primary schools, 08 middle schools and 06 high schools. In addition, 28 teachers and 11 headmasters were also trained on childline-1098. As a result, 15 intervention calls were received to the project (09 restoration and 06 shelter).

During the reporting period, Nagapattinam Childline received total calls of 15,568. Of`which 102 were intervention calls consist of calls requesting for Medical assistance, Shelter, Sponsorship, Restoration, Guidance, information on referral services, etc.,

Exhibited stalls on childline-1098 services at Nagore, Velankanni and Nellukadaimariamman temple festivals and sensitized 1532 general public and 3842 children. Totally 20438 childline handbills were distributed. As a result of the programme, 36 restoration intervention calls were received to the project.

The project conducted 24 open house meetings in the project intervention villages and 848 general public and 975 children were participated. As a result, 12 restoration intervention calls were received to childline-1098.

01 Childline Advisory Board meeting was conducted under the leadership of the DistrictCollector, Nagapattinam. Totally 22 members from different line departments were participated. Different plan of actions were derived for effective functions of childline services for the distress.

The project trained 13 NGOs on childline service and thereby 7 restoration and 6 medical
calls were received to the project.

Organized 02 capacity building programmes with the support of NICP (National Initiative on Child Protection) to allied system ie Police personnel and Anganwadi workers on Child Rights & Child Protection, Juvenile Justice Act, roles and responsibilities of allied system and functions of Childline1098. 52 Police personnel and 48 Anganwadi workers
were participated and benefited.

There is an increased trend in cases of intervention made by team members in responding to the calls received. The break up of intervention calls were; Medical- 11,Shelter-20, Restoration-65, Sponsorship- 06 and Information on Referral Services-283

Childline-1098 closely worked with the allied systems such as Police, Telecommunication
Department, Hospitals, Short Stay Home, Adoption Centre, Child Welfare Committee, Juvenile Justice Board, Child Secretariat, Department of Labour Welfare and Child Labour Eradication, Department of Social Welfare, ICDS and other Non Government Agency working for the cause of prevention of child right violation and promotion of Child protection.


Childline-1098 has strengthened its network with various CBOs like Self Help Groups, Police personnel, Anganwadi workers, Child Welfare Committee, Local NGOs, village panchayat and wards. As a result, the project received 15,568 calls out of which 102 intervention and 283 referral service calls were addressed with the cooperation of allied systems. In addition, the project installed special stalls during festivals and addressed 36 restoration cases. Auto, van & truck drivers, telephonic booth & petty shop owners, Trade unions are also more cooperative to the project and the cases referred by them were rehabilitated with the support of allied system.

   Child Development Project


Reducing risk to children’s holistic wellbeing, making children’s rights a reality and creating an enabling environment that supports children’s positive development by 2023.

To improve reproductive health status of adolescent boys and girls from 50% to 90% in 18 villages of Nagapattinam and Karaikal Districts by 2012
To reduce prevalence of micronutrient deficiency among young children in 18 villages of Nagapattinam and Karaikal Districts by 2012.
To provide protective, nurturing and stimulating environment to children in the age group of 0-6 years from the present 50% to 80% in 18 villages of Nagapattinam and Karaikal Districts by 2012.
To increase the children receiving quality education by 80% in 18 villages of Nagapattinam and Karaikal Districts by 2012.
To increase income level of the 40% families through livelihood activities in 18 villages of Nagapattinam and Karaikal Districts by 2012.



6 Health camps on reproductive health were conducted for Adolescent group members and 154 were benefited. Information,communication and Education (IEC) materials were utilized and educated. Child Development Project Officer, Child Nutrition Supervisor and Village Health Nurse were participated in the camp and educated the participants. As a result, intake of Iron folic supplements ensured in 12 adolescent groups and knowledge level on reproductive health improved.

6 medical camps on RTI/STI (Reproductive Tract Infection /Sexually Transmitted Infection) were conducted in 6 project villages by involving Counselors, Government Doctors, Lab Technician of Integrated Counselling and Testing Centre (ICTC). Mobilized free medicines and Blood Testing 392 general public were benefited. 126 cases were referred to ICTC and 02 cases found with STI are under treatment. IEC materials were provided to all the members participated in the camp.

5 trainings on birth spacing and contraceptives were conducted for women SHG members and 134 were benefited. Obtained contraceptive tool kit from Government Hospital and utilized in the training programme.

Conducted 9 exhibition cum training programmes on reproductive health & HIV/AIDS at 9 schools. Involved Positive Speaker from HIV/AIDS Positive Network, Doctor & counsellors from Government ART (Anti-Retro Viral Therapy) centre. 1193 students observed the exhibition and 609 students were trained. Utilized IEC materials and adopted question box. Participants were given IEC materials by leveraging resources from Tamil Nadu Voluntary Health Association (TNVHA). School administration given their token of appreciation through written letters. As a result, the trained participants voluntarily came forward and participated in World AIDS Day organized by the project at Nagapattinam and in 4 schools, students exhibited chart work on HIV/AIDS at science exhibition held in their schools.

2 trainings on HIV/AIDS were conducted and 40 ward members and panchayat clerks were participated. Municipal Commissioner and Chairman were presided and as a result, 2 RTI/STI cases were referred to ICTC for further treatment.

The project observed World AIDS Day, World Hand washing Day, World Breastfeeding Day and Anti-drugs Day in coordination with Government officials and community stakeholders by way of rally, campaign and mass awareness meetings. Each Day was observed with the participation of morethan 500 people and sensitized importance of the day. As a result, 60 applications requesting education support for children of People Living with HIV/AIDS were submitted to the District Collector and advocated about the Day issues through media and submissions of petitions.

01 Summer camp was conducted and 86 children were participated. District social welfare officer, Assistant Project Officer, Mahalir Thittam, School Headmaster were participated. Children involved in Drawing, creative works, Essay and story writing. All creative works were consolidated and published as a children magazine called "Muthumalai".

27 SHG members (sponsored) were supported with micro credit for income generation. The members are from 6 SHGs of 03 villages. The assisted members are involved in petty trades, fish vending and agricultural activities.

01 exposure and 01 training were conducted for federation members. 08 members were trained on their roles and responsibilities and gone to an exposure to Chettipulam- SHG federation awarded by the Government for their effective functioning. 32 SHG animator and representatives were trained on group dynamics, federation roles & activities and loaning process.

The project formed an Allegation Management to address child right violation issues. Members in the committee are Childline, Free legal aid, NGOs, School teacher, CWBC & CPC, Anganwadi workers, VHN and FCC counselor. 02 network meetings were conducted and 11 members were participated in each meeting. Child labour, child sexual harassment, transport problem for school going children, corporal punishment were the cases taken for discussion. Probation Officer, Department of Social Defence and Childline -1098 Regional Coordinator were presided the meeting.

The Project in association with local Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) did an analysis in 13 scan centers of Nagapattinam district and found out various misuse/violation of Prenatal Diagnostic Prevention & Regulation Act -1994 & its amendments -2002 and Medical Termination of Pregnancy Act 1971. The consolidated data was submitted in presence of District administration with press people. Joint Director of Health Service, Project officer of Campaign Against Sex Selective Abortion, Political leaders and District Social Welfare Officer were participated in the meeting. In addition, the project did 2 dramas on said issue at mass awareness meeting and sensitized nearly 854 general public. Published a IEC materials called "ponnu parka porom".

Observed World Children's Day. Did 4 cluster level programmes, 243 children participated. Assessed local child protection issues and presented in the project level event presided by Political leaders, Probation Officer, Allegation Management Committee members, All women police station and Child Protection Committee members. 106 children were participated. Second edition of Children magazine "Muthumalai" was released.

1004 children were enrolled and 738 children were sponsored. At this year, 796 (60 New + 555 overall )children were received monetary support of Rs.1180801.84/-. Among sponsored children, 540 are girls & 464 are boys. Among that 48 children are orphan, 102 are semi-orphan, 7 are physically challenged and 380 are vulnerable children. The Project celebrated Sponsor Day and thanked all sponsors who support needy children in the project villages.


The project in coordination with related Government departments, capacitated various Community Based Organizations (CBOs) on child rights & protection and ensured its active functions over prevention & addressing of child protection issues. In addition, the project enhanced creativity and leadership among children through comprehensive programmes and paved way towards positive development. Children magazines and various IEC materials were prepared and utilized. Moreover, the project advocated on various child related issues along with CBOs and succeeded.

   Preschool Education . . .

Promote Day Care facilities for children in the age group of below 5 years by providing nutrition and play way education in a healthy atmosphere in Nagapattinam District by 2012.

To provide a healthy atmosphere for children below the age group of 5 years.

To provide nutritious food and play way education to children

To network with primary health center and provide adequate medical facilities for children

To conduct parents meeting every month and get the community involved in the management and monitoring of activities, especially providing infrastructure, clean water, toilet and cooking facilities.

There are 15 Creches in which 382 children have benefited. (Boys: 152 & Girls: 230). At
this reporting period, 107 children (38 boys and 69 girls) who crossed age of 5 enrolled at
nearby Primary School to continue their education.

Children at the crèche centers were educated by play way education by using pictures,
games and charts. Names of vegetables, animals, fruits, Tamil & English months, shapes,
numerical, alphabets and relations were taught through games. The syllabus prepared
by the project was utilized to educate the children and the same been followed in nearby
Government crèche centres too.

Ensured 12 visits of Village Health Nurse to all 15 creche centers and to the villages to carryout health related activities such as Immunization, provision of vitamin solution, medical camps, growth monitoring of children, home visit to pregnant women, education on oral re-hydration salt etc

Conducted 12 meetings for PTA members (Parents Teachers Association) and 1490 male and 2110 female members were participated. The meeting focused on children’s enrollment, personal hygiene, nutrition, importance of polio drops to children, importance of education, community participation over crèche activities, water and sanitation issues etc

Gandhi Jayanthi, Independence Day, Republic Day, Anganwadi Day, Children’s Day Kamarajar Birth Day, Annual Day and other festivals were celebrated by involving local panchayat leaders, education committee members, municipal chairman, women self help group members and other community members.

Ensured Polio vaccination & Vitamin A solution to 382 children. 63 Anti-natal care mothers were referred to get benefit under Muthulaxshmi Maternity Scheme.

The project in coordination with Vazhthu kattuyom supported 25 women self help groups of Rs.7,65,000/- and revolving fund to 10 SHGs of Rs.3,20,000/- for income generation activities. As a result, 522 families & 367 children of these families were benefited. In addition, through periodical home visits, 11 dropout children were enrolled back to school and 14 senior citizens helped to obtain Old Age Pension.


The project in coordination with Village Education Committee, Village Health Nurse, Local Panchayat and PTA members helped 382 children at crèche centers to obtain joyful education,
nutrition and health status. In addition, the project concentrated on project villages of crèche
centers and leveraged financial support to women SHGs, OAP to Older people, education
session to pregnant mothers and rejoined dropouts. Network with local stakeholders enhanced
community participation towards the centre and its functions.

   Women Empowerment Programme . . .

Enabling men & women in the project villages through empowerment and livelihood
promotion measures in a sustainable way by 2015.


To identify women under below poverty line and to form 300 new women self help groups.
To impart trainings for 300 women self help groups to improve their efficiency, skills and capacity on management of SHGs and livelihood promotion.
To enroll 500 Self Help Groups (SHGs) in Namathu Dheepam Micro Finance Institution and to facilitate micro credit to all SHGs for economic development.
To improve per capita income to the tune of 20% among the members of SHGs and to encourage them to involve in the small business enterprises
To involve the SHG members in the overall development of the community such as health, education and strengthening of local bodies


The project formed 311 new women self help groups composed of 4657 members. All 311 SHGs were linked with Banks and promoted savings habit.
Members & Animator and representatives of 311 SHGs were trained on roles and responsibilities, book keeping, government schemes, SHG maintenance, and credit management. 4239 members and 594 Animator and representatives were participated and benefited.
02 Skill trainings were conducted for 14 SHGs on Jewel making in coordination with Mahalir Thittam. Totally 75 SHG members were benefited.
Manimegalai Award from the State Government was received for Kamadenu women SHG promoted by Avvai for its best performance.
Material donations such as groceries, dress items and sweets were donated by SHGs on various vital events to the Home for the Aged. The value of donation amounted to Rs.20,000/-.


The project has increased ray of hope among womenfolk through promotion of self help group, micro credit, livelihood and micro insurance. The per capita income of member of self help groups had increased and there was social protection to each member. The rural and urban womenfolk got enrichment on knowledge and skills over their selected trades and generating sustainable income. The offshoot of these activities is reflected not only in the financial wellbeing of the family but also improved children's education, nutrition, family health and status of women in the society.

   Vidiyal - Family Counselling Centre. . .

Promoting harmonious family life among people living in Nagapattinam District by 2015


To minimize family problem arising out of alcoholism, domestic violence, dowry problem, etc., in Nagapattinam District
To provide information on legal rights of women and link women with resources locally available.
To establish linkages with the Police Departments, Hospitals, NGOs, CBOs, etc, to address issues together.


Counseled 230 cases out of which 46 cases were Domestic violence, 27 separation due to addiction, 46 Marital mal- adjustment problems, 25 suspicion, 06 family related problem, 05 economic crisis, 04 infertility, 06 love affair, 05 child care, 02 unwed, 01 post marital affair, 01 old age problem and 56 family dispute.

Out of 230 cases, 208 cases were rehabilitated out of which 195 cases were rejoined with family, 02 divorced, 03 claimed maintenance, 02 medical help, 06 obtained jobs Conducted 48 Follow ups & 207 Home visits and ensured welfare of cases rehabilitated through Family Counselling Centre.

Conducted 41 village level awareness programmes and 763 members were participated. The programme educated on women rights, domestic violence, functions of family counseling centre, women helpline-1091, functions of free legal aid and ill-effect of alcoholism. As a result, 198 women, 7 men and 03 adolescent girls came hailed to the project for counseling and guidance.

The Family Counselling Centre functioned in collaboration with various stakeholders and thereby referred 06 cases to All Women Police Station, 06 cases to District social welfare office, 02 cases referred to psychological treatment, 02 cases referred to Short stay home, 03 cases to Free Legal Aid, 02 cases to government hospital for medical treatment and 12 cases to De-Addiction cum Rehabilitation Centre.

The Counsellors of Family Counselling Centre did joined counseling along with related supportive services for 47 cases and there by 22 cases were dealt by joint counseling with All Women Police Station, 07 with Free Legal Aid and 18 with protection officer of Domesctic violence act (District Social Welfare Office, Nagapattinam).

Organized 04 Sub-Committee meetings and thereby 02 clients were rehabilitated with the support of committee members of which 01 client received maintenance and 01 joined with spouse.

Observed World Women's Day in coordination with Free Legal Aid and Mahalir Thittam. 128 women SHG members were participated in a rally programme and convention held at Nagapattinam. The participants were educated on women rights and functions of service sectors. The Project officer, Mahalir Thittam, Advocate from Free Legal Aid and NGO representatives were presided the meeting.

The Assistant Project Officer, Tamil Nadu State Social Welfare Board visited the project and given guidance. The Counsellors of the project attended trainings on Domestic violence act conducted by the Tamilnadu State Social Welfare Board.


Family Counselling Centre has counseled 230 cases and successfully rehabilitated 208 cases in coordination with supportive services. It also extended its support of counseling and guidance to cases registered at All Women Police Station, Free Legal Aid and District Social Welfare Office and satisfied with the rehabilitation of 47 cases through counseling process. The centre also satisfied of its services rendered for poor and vulnerable through counseling and rehabilitation measures to lead a happy life.

   Adaikalm Short stay Home for Women . . .

Protecting and rehabilitating women and children between the age of 15 and 40 under difficult circumstances in Nagapattinam District on a continuous basis .

   To create awareness in the community for care and protection of women and children who are under difficult circumstances.
   To provide institutional support and rehabilitate 30 women (15-40) under difficult circumstances in Nagapattinam District
   To provide food, clothing , medical facilities and entertainment to the inmates.
   To counsel and rehabilitate women and to provide vocational training for 30 women.
   To establish network with other Free Legal Aid, NGO and other Government Department.


At this project period, the Home taken care of 68 inmates and 16 children who come out of difficult circumstances.

39 inmates were newly admitted and 37 inmates were discharged. At present 31 inmates are taken care at Home.

Out of 37 discharged cases, 27 were restored with parents, 07 with spouse, 02 were self- employed and 01was arranged for remarriage.

All inmates were provided food, clothing, medical facilities and recreation. Medical officers visited the home four times in a month and examined the inmates’ health on a regular basis.

Conducted 12 awareness programmes on women’s rights and legal provision and 1232 people were participated.

Temple visits, daily newspaper, television, indoor games, outings were the recreational activities for the inmates.

Out of 37 discharged cases, 18 inmates were fully trained on vocational trades such as tailoring, basket making and paper cover making.

At this reporting period, 12 Home visits and 46 Follow ups were done and found persons self-employed and leading a happy life.

The Project advocated with Government and obtained Identity Card to 02 inmates and availed Government support (04 goats to breed) to 01 inmate deserted by husband.

04 Home Committee Meetings were organized and leveraged their support for the purpose of rehabilitation, referral and visibility of the project.

The project strengthened its network with Family counseling centre, All women police station, Free legal aid, NGOs, Temple priest, women self help groups and Labour Associations.


The Project has successfully rehabilitated 37 inmates and restored 27 inmates with their family members through effective counseling process. The community outreach programmes had enriched level of awareness about the functions of the project and its activities for women and girls under difficult circumstances. The discharged inmates are leading a happy life with their family members and some were self-employed.

   Marumalarchi Swadhar Home. .


Ensuring holistic development of women and girls under distress through counseling and Rehabilitation measures in Nagapattinam District


To create social awareness on care for the homeless and the abandoned
To ensure safe and healthy atmosphere for women and girls under distress
To provide them information on self reliance legal matters and rehabilitation
To establish network with other Free Legal Aid, NGOs and other Government Departments

At this reporting period, the project taken care of 86 inmates under distress through counseling support

36 inmates were admitted newly and 39 inmates were rehabilitated and rejoined with their parents and spouse.

438 individual counseling sessions, 176 group therapy, 63 home visit, 48 follow-ups and 1 referral were done. At present there are 47 inmates in the Home.

46 community awareness programmes were conducted on swadhar functions, women's rights, issues of domestic violence, dowry and legal provision of women etc and 752 members were participated. As a result of community awareness programmes, 22 inmates were referred to Home by the community.

Vocational trainings were provided to 39 inmates on tailoring, embroidering, basket making with bamboo, cover making and flower garland. 29 inmates were self-employed after discharge from the Home.

Inmates are taken out to temples and other open spaces for outings as recreation

The project organized District Level Monitoring Committee chaired by the District Collector at Nagapattinam. Related Government officials and community stakeholders were participated in the meeting and passed various resolutions for effective functions of the project for the needy and vulnerable women and girls.


The Project successfully reunited 39 deserted inmates with their family members throughcounseling process and out of that 29 of them self-employed by providing vocational skill. In addition, the Project felt proud for conducting District Level Monitoring Committee meeting chaired by the District Collector which enhance support and cooperation from Government officials and community stakeholders.

   DE-Addiction Cum Rehabilitation Programme

Ensure sobriety among addicts of Karaikal District by 2015.

To increase the number of services rendered to alcoholic cases by 20% in one year.

To continuously assist recovered cases so that cases of relapse is reduced by 10%.

To reduce the instance of alcoholism in families in Karaikal District by 10% in one year.

To organize awareness programmes on handling alcoholic cases for Government officials,
private practitioners and NGOs.

To network with related department and CBOs to strengthen the services


The centre admitted 111 cases and 102 cases were leading a drug free life.

846 Individual counseling, 286 group therapy and 158 family therapy sessions were conducted to make the treatment successful.

The centre carried out 202 home visits and 443 follow ups counseling sessions and rensured sobriety of 102 cases.

 43 awareness programmes were conducted on ill-effects of addiction to high risk groups,
women SHGs, youth clubs, school students and general public. 468 SHGs members, 76 youth club members, 450 school students and 680 general publics were benefited.

01 Alcoholic Anonymous (AA) meeting was conducted and 56 sober patients were participated. AA members from Trichy, Kumbakonam and Mayiladuthurai hailed to the meeting and shared their joyfulness of drug free life.

Observed International Day Against Drug Abuse and illicit trafficking along with college students at karaikal. The District Collector, Inspector from All women Police Station, Lecturers from Arignar Anna Arts College were participated in the programme and delivered key messages to college students on ill-effects of addiction. Totally 212 college students were participated. A cultural programme on impact of addiction over family was conducted.

The centre mobilized material donations like weighting machine, fans and entertainments items from local community stakeholders

Advocacy and linkages were established through various alcoholic anonymous and family counseling centers, Govt. aided schools, Government General Hospital, All women police station, District collector, Non-governmental organizations and Youth clubs in order to widen the scope of activities of the centre.


The most important impact of this programme has been that it is the first time in this community such an awareness programme was taking place and it was an eye-opener. After this programme has been initiated, several STI/HIV/AIDS cases have been identified which otherwise would not have come to the fore. Such identification prevents spread of HIV/AIDS. In addition, availability of ICTC in their own area has made testing much more accessible to the local population.

   District Resource Center, Nagapattinam

Enhancing accessibility of the needy towards public health services such as women’s
health, child health, drinking water, sanitation, hygiene and nutrition'

To promote network of organization working on health promotion
To build capacity of members in District resource Center and district facilitation center on health related issues and community health care.
To advocate and lobby on health related issues with the participation of community stakeholders
To coordinate with local NGOs on preparation of village contingency plan


Avvai village welfare society has been selected as District Resource Centre (DRC) for Nagapattinam District by the Tamil Nadu Voluntary Health Association. As DRC, it has trained its 31member `NGOs on social exclusion, HIV/AIDS and Disaster.

The project with its member NGOs’ support, leveraged various benefits to Thirunangai (eunuchs). Obtained ration cards for 19 members, Voter Identity cards for 40 members and 05 members received ID cards for accessing Government welfare schemes. 64 members were organized into 07 self help groups. Out of that, 1 SHGs obtained revolving fund and 6 SHGs linked with Banks for financial support.

The project supported 12 People Living with HIV/AIDS (PLHIV) of Rs.10,000 each for income generation activities and formed into 03 SHGs for leveraging benefits from other agencies. 23 number of PLHIV supported with travel allowance to get Anti-retroviral Treatment.

The project leveraged support for physically challenged such as obtained identity cards for 04 persons and 08 children were covered under sponsorship programme supported by ChildFund India

Conducted a rally and convention programme on Child Sexual Abuse at Nagapattinam. 200 SHG members, village volunteers and peer educators were participated. The Project Officer, Mahalir Thittam flag on the rally. Advocates & Members of Dowry Prevention Committee and the Assistant General Manager, NABARD were participated. The programme educated on preventive measures of child sexual abuse and roles of
supportive services functions in the district.

The project in coordination with local NGOs, did a village contingency plan on disaster mitigation at Madavamedu a fishermen village and educated the people on disaster

The project networked with various line departments namely Health Department, Positive
Networks, Adidravidar Welfare Board, ChildFund India, Education Department, Banks
and Insurance companies.

Impact :

31member NGOs were well capacitated to carryout activities on HIV/AIDS, social exclusionand disaster mitigation. Through collective action of member NGOs, the DRC has leveraged
support and assistance from various welfare and financial institutions for vulnerable community.
In addition, the project satisfie

    Puthumalar - Prevention of alcoholism and substance (drugs)abuse . . .

Rehabilitation of drug addicts through medical and psychological treatment and to make
it as sober by the end of 2015 in Nagapattinam District.


To increase the number of services rendered to alcoholic cases by 20% in one year
To continuously assist recovered cases through periodical meetings and Alcoholic
Anonymous to maintain sobriety
To enrich knowledge on ill-effect of alcoholism through mass communication
To network with related Departments and CBOs and to strengthen the services of the

The centre admitted 225 cases and provided medical and psychological treatment. Out of 225 cases, 210 cases are leading drug free life.

1800 Individual counseling sessions, 313 group therapy, 156 family therapy and 265 yoga therapy sessions were conducted to make the treatment successful.

The Centre carried out 176 home visits and 335 follow up counseling sessions to prevent relapse. Totally 210 cases were fully recovered at this year.

Conducted 49 awareness programmes on ill-effect of addiction to auto & truck drivers, women self help groups, youth groups, adolescents and police personnel. 1077 members were participated and benefited. As a result, 109 addicted cases were hailed to the centre for taking treatment.

The centre organized International Day against Drug Abuse & Illicit Trafficking in coordination with government and community stakeholders at Nagapattinam. More than 500 general public were participated and raised slogan against illicit arrack and drug trafficking through rally. The centre advocated to stop illicit arrack sales and drug trafficking.

Organized 10 Alcoholic Anonymous Meeting for recovered persons. 20 persons were participated in each meetings and shared their joyful drug free life with each other.

The centre strengthened its network with various departments & CBOs like All women police station, Family counselling centre, Auto drivers Association, women & men self help groups, NGOs, village panchayats, Alcoholic Anonymous etc.

Material donations like chair, dustbin, entertainment items etc were mobilized from the community of worth Rs.5,520/-


The centre admitted 225 cases and out of that 210 cases were fully recovered from addiction. The awareness programmes at village level enriched knowledge on preventive and curative measures of addiction among general public. Most of the cases referred to the centre after treatment leading a happy life with their family members. In addition to treatment services, advocacy programmes were conducted against illicit drug sales and drug trafficking gains momentum. The network among related supportive services and periodical AA meetings further
strengthened its services to the addicts to lead a drug free life.

   Anubavam Home for the Aged. . .

Providing elders without any dependents, a healthy environment

1. To carryout social psychological and material assistance to elders
2. To identify neglected and socially handicapped elders in the communities
3. To provide a healthy family environment to the elders admitted in home
4. To ensure nutritional, medical, entertainment and other preliminary needs of elders in the home
5. To engage in resource mobilization activities


At this reporting period, 10 needy elders (Male 04 & Female 06) were newly admitted at home and totally the project taken care of 50 vulnerable elders.
06 elders were reunited with their families (2 male & 4 female) and 04 elders expired due to oldage. At present, 40 number of elders were taken care at Home ( Male:17 & Female:23)
04 medical camps were conducted in coordination with Government Hospital and Private Clinics and 35 elders got benefited. As a result, 02 elders undergone eye operation and got their vision back. 33 elders obtained free medicine and treatment for their ailments.
12 social awareness meetings were conducted at community level on elder care and 342 members were participated. Local panchayat leaders, women self help group representatives, school children were participated.
Ensured arrival of Village Health Nurse to the Home once in a month and collaborated with them to check the health status of elders and provision of medicines.
08 yoga sessions were organized for inmates and thereby 32 elders are practicing daily. As a result, 6 elders recovered from breathing and rheumatism problems.
The project leveraged material donations like bed sheets, clothes and entertainments items for Rs.77,120/- from various community stakeholders participate during periodical meetings organized at Home.
Reading newspapers and books in Library, seeing television, making paper bags, preparing hand fan with palm leaves and group singing are some of the periodical entertainment activities conducted at Home. 12 educated elders are reading book and newspapers, 3 elders are preparing paper bags and 01 elder making hand fan, 24
elders are watching television and participate in group singing.
Organized World Elders’ Day at Project level in coordination with District Administration. Various cultural programmes and events were conducted like rangoli, songs etc and all 40 were received prizes from the hands of the District Collector at the function held at Nagapattinam.
The project celebrated local festivals and Days like Pongal, Diwali, Independence Day, Republic Day along with women self help groups, school children and government officials. This brought out an integration and promotion of healthy relationship with each other.
The Organization brought out an elder magazine called “Vadamalar” in that, the project beneficiaries contributed 6 stories, 12 poems, 15 herbal medical treatments, 13 proverbs, 15 quiz & songs. The magazine released during World Elders Day function presided by the District Collector at Nagapattinam.


The Elders at Home live with mental peace and physical health. Yoga, health camps, recreation and nutrition improved physical and mental wellbeing of elders. The Home satisfied with the lovable services extended to needy elders through counseling and residential care.

   Sponsor a Granny Programme

Evolving a community driven elder care programme for those from vulnerable sections of the society in a sustainable way

  To create awareness in the community on care and support to elders.
  To provide material assistance to meet primary needs of elders
   To offer a platform for networking and advocacy.


Every month, 38 numbers of vulnerable elders were supported with groceries to meet their primary needs in presence of respectable community representatives such as Rotary club, Lioness club, Thasildar, school teachers, Government officials, Self help groups etc.

The project organized 8 yoga sessions for senior citizens and there by 38 elders were benefited.

The Project advocated and arranged Old Age Pension (OAP) to 07 vulnerable elders (Male 2 & Female 5) under Indra Gandhi Old Age Pension scheme.

The project organized periodical medical camps in coordination with Primary Health Centre and Private clinics for older people. Free medicine and treatment were given to all 38 elders. 03 elders undergone eye operation and got their vision back.

Observed World Elders’ Day in collaboration with District Social Welfare Office at Nagapattinam. Various cultural events were conducted and given prizes. The District Collector presided the Day and appreciated skills and talents of elders on Rangoli, songs etc and distributed prizes. All 38 elders were participated in the function.

Periodical recreation activities were organized. Elders exhibited their talents by singing, & dancing. In addition, women self help group members and school children were also participated in the cultural programme and did drama and role pay on elder care.

The Committee formed by the project for the welfare of older people has taken serious efforts and leveraged OAP for 7 senior citizens, admitted 10 vulnerable elders in Day Care Centre for the Aged, 02 beneficiaries in Home for the Aged and 19 beneficiaries rejoined with their family members.


The project satisfied of their commendable services for the senior citizens and formation of committee to look after welfare of older people. As the project ends at March 2010, the committee formed by the project has taken good efforts and leveraged benefits from supportive services for the needy and vulnerable elders of the project. The project satisfied with the services extended to neglected elders with food provision, pocket money, recreation and medical facilities.

  Ambujam Home for the Aged

Providing elders without any dependents, a healthy environment


   To carryout social, psychological and material assistance to elders
   To identify neglected and socially handicapped elders in the communities
   To provide a healthy family environment to the elders admitted in home
   To ensure nutritional, medical, entertainment and other preliminary needs of elders in the home
 To engage in resource mobilization activities.


During the reporting period, the project taken care of 27 vulnerable elders and given homely atmosphere (Male 12 & Female 15).

2 Elders (Male -1 & Female -1) were newly admitted to the Home 2 Elders were reunited with their families (Female-2) successfully.

At present, 25 elders (Male 11-Female-14) were taken care and given homely atmosphere.

48 medical camps were conducted through network with local Govt. Hospital and Clinics. 25 elders were participated and obtained free medicines and treatment for the ailments. Eye check-ups and Blood test were done for 19 needy elders. 3 elders were given spectacles and 6 elders were selected for eye operation. 1 elder provided with hearing aid machine.

The elders were engaged in preparing paper cover, book binding, drawings & paintings and gardening as a recreation and entertainment activities.

12 Get-together meetings were organized for elders by inviting local resource persons and oriented on personal hygiene, nutrition, vocational training and its importance, interpersonal relationship and importance of Meditation.

Importance Days and Events were celebrated and observed like Pongal, Diwali, Independence Day, Republic Day and World Elders Day in coordination with District Administration and local stakeholders. Musical chair, rangoli and cultural programmes were conducted and given prizes. The District Collector participated in all the said events and enjoyed the Day with elders by sharing sweets and distribution of prizes.

Television, daily newspaper and outings were being recreation for elders.

Material donations like clothes, groceries, fish and suitcase were mobilized from the community and CBOs like Rotary Club, Village Level Federation for Elders, Self Help Groups and individual donors for the worth of Rs.67,525/-

The District Collector, Napattinam participated in various vital events like Republic Day, Deepavali, Pongal Festival etc and enjoyed the Day with elders.

Elders were taught meditation and practice at early morning daily

The District Collector, District Social Welfare Officer, District Supply Officer, Rotary Club President, Extension Officer, School Children, Self Help Group Members, Representatives from Elders Federation, Ward members were visited the Home and spared their time with elders.

Magazine portraying values and skills of elders was released by the Organization called “Vadamalar”. In that, 15 elders of this Home contributed 6 stories, 12 poems, 15 values of traditional medicines, 13 proverbs and 15 Quiz. The magazine was released by the District Collector at World Elders Day function observed at Nagapattinam.


The Project satisfied of its services to the vulnerable elders of providing food, shelter, medical support, meditation and recreation. Get-together meetings, celebration of festivals, observation of vital Days and recreational activities paved better way to feel at Home. As the Home is situated at Government campus, the beneficiaries of this project get all the opportunities to meet the Government authorities and interact with them.

   Multi Service Centre for the Aged

Enable the aged people living in Sangamangalam Panchayat in Palaiyanur Melpathi Village in Nagapattinam District to lead a peaceful and dignified life by providing basic needs, care and protection through out their lives from the year 2002.

To provide an elder friendly environment
To support elders to have a healthy mind in healthy body at the home
To promote unity and encourage group decision making process.
To network with Government and NGOs.


At this reporting period, the project given Day care facilities to 60 vulnerable elders. (Male 18 & Female 42).

10 elderly persons were newly admitted (Male: 3 & Female: 7). 07 elders expired due to oldage (Male:3 & Female:4) and 03 elders reunited with their family. At present 50 senior citizens were given Day care facilities in a friendly atmosphere with food, shelter and refreshment. (Male: 15 & Female: 35)

03 medical camps were conducted in coordination with Government Hospital and Private Clinics. Eye check-ups were done for 17 needy elders and 8 elders undergone eye operation and got their vision back.

30 elders participated in the mobile medical camp organized by the Government and received free medicine and treatment for geriatric care and other ailments.

The Project observed World Elders’ Day in coordination with District Administration at Nagapattinam. Various cultural programmes were conducted for elders and distributed prizes. The District Collector, District Social Welfare Officer, District Supply Officer and Thasildar were participated in the event and enjoyed the Day with senior citizen.

The project celebrated local festivals and events in coordination with community stakeholders like women self help groups, local panchayats and school children like Pongal, Diwali, Republic Day and Independence Day by sharing sweets and promoting interpersonal relationship with each other.

07 yoga sessions were conducted and 09 interested elders were participated and practicing yoga at early morning.

Through advocacy and linkages, 06 senior citizens received Old Age Pension.

Material donations were mobilized such as food, clothes, entertainment items , vessel, etc from the community for Rs.15,000/-

The Organization published a magazine called “Vadamalar” contains values and skills of elderly persons. In that, 15 elders of the project contributed 2 stories, 2 songs, 5 poems and 5 proverbs. The magazine was relea


The Centre satisfied of bringing vision back for 6 needy elders through Eye operation in coordination with Government Hospital and Private clinics. With strong network with the Government, the project leveraged Old Age Pension for 06 vulnerable elders and given good health condition for all beneficiaries by ensuring participation in the medical camps. In addition,
celebration of local festivals and interaction meeting among elders and community stakeholders keeps elders’ mind healthy and strong.

   Agricultural Support Service Center

Establish a community owned and managed sustainable mechanism to revive andstrengthen farming activities in the Tsunami affected areas of Sirkazhi Taluk in Nagapattinam


To help the marginal farmers to set up and manage community owned agriculture to
support and revive their farming activities.

To build capacities with communities to lead, manage and monitor the mechanism and help them realize the purpose of setting up the mutual.

To establish linkages with formal and non formal agricultural development agencies and interface with them to transfer the knowledge and skill to the farmers.

To increase the access of marginal farmers to farming equipment at affordable and
help them to minimize input cost.

To introduce a wider range of micro insurance product as a risk coping mechanism against the risks related death, accident, natural calamity and livelihood

To leverage financial and material resources for sustainable running of the unit.


15 farmers Self Help Groups(SHGs) were formed consist of 213 members in 5 project villages. Out of that, 11 groups were linked with banks and all 15 groups were enrolled into federation for accessing agricultural equipments.

Conducted 2 capacity building training programmes for members and animator & representatives of 15 farmers SHGs on group dynamics, agriculture developmental activities, procurement of equipments and usage & maintenance ofequipments.

Leveraged micro credit of Rs.2,20,000/- to 2 farmers SHGs and Rs.4,75,000/- to 17 farmers SHGs from financial institutions for income generation activities.

Conducted a capacity building training programme to Federation of Farmers SHGs on federation management, usage of agricultural equipments, structure and functions of seed bank, account management and operation manual. 14 federation members were benefited (Male:11 & Female:03). Agriculture Engineer from Agriculture Department
did the training.

Conducted 4 training programmes on organic farming, vermi-compost, fish culture, mushroom culture, flower cultivation and alternative cropping in coordination with KVK (Krishi Vigyan Kendra) and CEAD (Centre for Environment, Agriculture and Development). 406 farmers SHG members were benefited. Out of that, 42 farmers are doing organic farming, 18 members have developed vermin-compost unit and 31 farmers doing alternative cropping in the project villages.

350 farmers were enrolled into federation. All 350 farmers were provided with Identity Card for usage of agricultural equipments. The income out of providing ID cards of Rs.35,000/- was deposited in federation account.

Agricultural equipments like Tractor, Threshing machine, Winnowing machine, Oil Engine, Sprayer, Tarpaulin, Cultivator and Cage wheel were given for rent to 215 needy & enrolled farmers and thereby Rs. 24,473/- was collected and deposited in Federation

285 farmers SHG members were covered under Life and General Insurance. Periodical meetings were conducted to all 27 farmers SHGs and a Federation and facilitated on book keeping, repayment, rotation of leaders, usage of agriculture equipments etc.

204 farmers SHG members of 4 groups from 4 villages were provided with Black gram seed of 2600 kg work of Rs.1,42,000/- as loan on January 2010. The repayment period is on May 2010.

The project installed Name Board in 4 project villages namely Vanagiri, Keezhamoverkarai, Melamoovarkarai and Perunthottam. The Board depicts project name, objectives, activities executed, budget incurred and implementing agency.


The functions of the federation, enhanced confidence level among farmers of project villages
on leverage of resources from various financial institutions and capacity building agencies. The
poor & needy farmers of the project villages received an opportunity to get agricultural equipments for minimum charge to do their agricultural production. In addition, the Federation acts as acatalyst to all farmer SHGs for getting other needy schemes from KVK, CEAD, NABARD and other financial institutions. Thus, the project activities increased the access of marginal farmers to farming equipment and helped them to minimize input cost and development of skills & knowledge on agriculture production.

   Animal Husbandry

Improving the environmental hygiene levels in 05 villages in Sirkali Block of Nagapattinam District in one year


To promote sustainable mechanism to strengthen the dairying sector.

To build capacities of the livestock owing members as well as the members of the
Village Organization.

To form village level milk produces group to work for collective milk production and

To tap existing support services from the Government Departments, Commercial
Banks and private Dairy Farms.


Conducted 01 refresher training to Village Organization (VO) on book keeping, cattle management, feed mixing unit, fodder cultivation and VO administration. 35 members from 7 villages were participated.

Leveraged Rs.2,30,000/- from Namathu Deepam Mutual Benefit Trust and supported 23 beneficiaries with milch animals. Beneficiary contribution towards this activity was Rs.1,15,000/-.
The project selected 03 para vets and capacitated on cattle management, fodder
cultivation, calf management and disease control. As a result, 174 milch animals and
152 goats were given treatment.

The project facilitated Village Organizations (VO) of South poigainallur and Poombuhar
towards Fodder cultivation done in 02 acres. 70 kgs fodder was cultivated and sold for
Rs.350/-. The amount was deposited in Poombuhar VO.

Conducted periodical meetings to 06 Milk production groups formed by the project at
06 project villages. In each meeting, 35 members were participated and learnt on
record maintenance, milk marketing, cattle care etc.

01 Feed mixing unit was established at Vanagiri. The unit was maintained by
Amuthasurabi women SHGs. 2500 beneficiaries of the village and adjoin villages will
get benefited.

550 packets of mineral mixture were sold and the amount deposited in VO account.

Linked Milk producers groups with Karaikal Milk Cooperative Society for milk collection
and marketing.


The project successfully leveraged financial support from financial institution and supported 23 vulnerable families with milch animals. In addition, the project formed and capacitated milk production groups and linked with Karaikal milk cooperative society. The Village organization promoted by the project monitor project activities and sustains its function in the longer run.

   Insure Lives and Livelihoods Program
Helping the disadvantaged communities to access minimum social security coverage and increasing micro insurance penetration among low income household and broad acceptance
of micro insurance service


  • To sensitize the community on basic insurance principle and increase community knowledge on micro insurance.
  • To carry out promotional campaigns and educational activities to diversify the financial services of various forms of community based organization including Self Help Group.
  • To lower the entry barriers by encouraging community oriented promotional campaigns, establishing simple enrolment and claim settlement process and extending insurance service at accessible.
  • To Promote and establish community

Activities :

1850 numbers of SHGs were sensitized on Micro Insurance and 27750 members were participated. Flipcharts and IEC materials were utilized and educated the participants on policy and its core elements.

Conducted 08 Mass awareness programmes at village level and 2758 general public were sensitized on Micro Insurance. The participants were educated through puppet
show, villupattu, IEC materials and drama. As a result, 1712 members were covered under Micro Insurance. Ward members, Political leaders, Deputy superintendent of police, Bank officials and Care India team members were participated in the programme.

In order to educate the general public on micro insurance and its core components, the project prepared 17200 picture oriented IEC materials and utilized for various outreach programmes.

At this reporting period, the project newly enrolled 11268 members and covered 10283 renewal members in to micro insurance. Total claims reported are 157 out of that 107 claims were settled to 105 members of Rs.1,52,900/-

Under Sarva Sakthi Suraksha Micro Insurance scheme (saving linked insurance product)
the project enrolled 668 members.

Impact :

The project satisfied of helping disadvantaged communities to access minimum social security coverage through micro insurance. At this period, 11268 members were newly enrolled
and 10283 members did their renewal. It also satisfied of its fast claim settlement to affected
members to meet-out the loss. Low Income group people felt proud of project’s features and its

   Support and Services to Salt Dependent Community
To promote sustainable institutions for sustaining the livelihoods of the salt farming community to improve the over all living standards in the disaster prone 24 hamlets of Vedharanyam municipalities of Nagapattinam District by 2010


  • To establish self managed community based organizations of the communities involved in the salt production to provide range of livelihood support services on sustainable basis
  • To facilitate the community based interventions in convergence with multiple stakeholders for improved infrastructure facilities
  • To build capacities of the CBOs and provide critical support to take up marketing interventions and value addition for increased income from the salt production
  • To strengthen the livelihood of the salt production communities by providing micro finance to SHGs.
  • To improve working conditions of the communities working in salt production
  • To enhance the ability of community to continue their children in education by enhancing
    income and increased awareness

Activities :

During the reporting period, 20 women self help groups were formed in addition to 108 SHGs exist in the project. Out of 20 new SHGs, 10 SHGs were trained on SHG module. Totally 126 members were participated. 12 SHGs were linked with Banks.

At this reporting period, 30 SHGs were enrolled into federation and thereby 87 SHGs were totally enrolled into federation. Conducted periodical meetings to federated SHGs and discussed on obtaining Identity cards for salt pan workers from Labour Department, bank linkages, loan repayment etc.

The project leveraged financial support of Rs.32,00,000/- to 22 SHGs for income generation activities from various financial institutions. The supported SHGs are involving in Salt pan works, tailoring, flower cultivation, petty shop, groundnut & vegetable cultivation etc.

10 SHGs were supported with seasonal loan by Care India of Rs.2,75,000/-. The supported SHGs are involving in groundnut and vegetable cultivation and salt packing works.

The Federation organized a campaign to obtain Identity Card (ID) for Salt pan workers to join in the Welfare Board of unorganized sector from Labour Department and thereby 116 applications were submitted.

465 members of 90 SHGs were covered under micro insurance and 06 members were supported with claim amount of Rs.60,000/-.

Impact :

The project along with federation support successfully leveraged financial assistance for 32 SHGs of Rs.34,75,000/- from various financial institutions. Out of this support, most of the salt pan workers found continuous employment and sustainable income. The federation promoted by the project started taking project activities on its own and as first initiation, applied ID cards for 116 salt pan workers from Labour Department. Thus the project has enhanced the livelihood of salt pan workers through community participation and strengthening of community institutions.

   Kakazhani Watershed Development Programme
Enhancement of agricultural production in a sustainable manner with community participation in 03 targeted villages of Nagapattinam District by 2011.


  • To promote Village organization and to sustain its functions on promotion of agricultural
  • To promote sustainable employment opportunities for the rural community including
    the landless
  • To arrest groundwater decline and to improve its levels
  • To enhance availability of groundwater at specific places and in times
  • To conserve, develop and sustain natural resources

Activities :

Organized periodical meetings to Kakazhani W atershed Committee promoted in 03 project villages and oriented about the project and sustainable promotion of agricultural activities

Puliyanchi and Vangara Channel were de-silted by Kakazhani village people as
Shramadan work. Totally 1084 man days were generated.

01 farm pond was construction for fish culture and horticulture plantation at Kakalani village.

02 acre of land was developed as Agro Horticulture at Kakazhani. 85 plants namely coconut, mango, amla, beans etc were planted. The Kakazhani village panchayat & Federated women SHGs taken the responsibility on maintenance of Agro Horticulture Field.

626 cu.m field bunds & 2.5 acres of disc plough were completed in the agro horticulture and agro forestry fields.

1100 kg of sunhemp seeds were procured and it will be sown following to summer

Impact :

Shramadan work has proved the strength of community participation towards the project activities. People realized the importance of conservation of natural resources for their livelihood
promotion. The Watershed committee will ensure sustainability of programme in future.

   Vulnetability Reduction of Coastal Communities
Re-construction of about 2436 vulnerable houses located in disaster prone insitu areas of Nagapattinam District within 200-1000 meters of HTL, to disaster resistant standards, including
the provision of insurance coverage to the housing for 10 years.


  • To revalidate 2436 vulnerable houses located in 31 disaster prone insitu villages of
    Nagapattinam District
  • To increase community awareness on quality of house construction at 31villages of
    Nagapattinam District
  • To provide technical assistance and guidance to 2436 beneficiaries during
    implementation of the project
  • To coordinate with beneficiaries and District Implementation Unit (DIU) for effective
    implementation of the project

Activities :

The project revalidated 2726 vulnerable houses located in 31 disaster prone coastal villages of Nagapattinam District by conducting house to house verification and finalized 2227 houses as vulnerable and submitted to the District Implementation Unit (DIU). The District Administration declared 1680 as ineligible beneficiaries. In which, the project by revalidation found 1181 beneficiaries as eligible for house construction and submitted the report.

The project facilitated Grama Sabha meetings at 19 panchayats in coordination with local panchayat raj institutions and obtained resolutions for acceptance of 2227 selected beneficiaries in Grama Sabha meetings. The Block Development Officer, Junior Engineer, Programme Coordinator, Assistant Programme Coordinator, Executive Engineer and Social Development specialist of DIU were participated.

19 awareness cum training programmes were conducted in 19 panchayats on roles and responsibilities of project beneficiaries, technical information on house construction, quality of materials used for the construction and does & don'ts of quality of house construction. 3221 members were participated in the programme. The participants 45 were educated through demonstration of house construction and chart presentation. IEC materials on project components were distributed to all participated beneficiaries.

The project educated 2227 selected beneficiaries on house model and obtained signed agreement from all the beneficiaries.

Thiru. Rajamani and Thiru. Pushparaj, Additional Director for Rural Development, Chennai visited the project, interacted with beneficiaries and verified documents of selected beneficiaries of the project. The team found satisfied of the work carried out at revalidation phase.

The project staff participated in 19 review meetings conducted by the DIU at Collectorate, Nagapattinam. The meeting focused on account opening, revalidation forms, agreement on model house, documents submission etc. The meeting facilitated by the Programme Coordinator and the District Collector.

The project staff participated in a State Level Workshop held at Chennai. Representatives from World Bank were participated. Project implementation methodologies, roles of organization working in the project were discussed.

Impact :

The project satisfied of its accurate revalidation and provision of opportunities for 2227 eligible beneficiaries to benefit under this project. 1680 beneficiaries declared as ineligible by the District Administration were revalidated by the project and found 1181 beneficiaries as eligible for house construction and submitted the report.

   Participatory Disaster Proofing For Tsunami Affected Traget Villages
Sustainable rehabilitation of 30 Tsunami affected target villages through restoration of ecological balance and community participation in Sirkali, Kollidam and Semmanar koil Blocks of Nagapattinam District.


  • To restore ecological balance
  • To develop sustainable agriculture and allied activities
  • To prepare school as eco-centre
  • To develop infrastructure for disaster preparedness
  • To train people on Disaster preparedness

Activities :

Most of the activities were completed last year. It was an extension project focused on disaster mitigation plans. The reporting period of this project is from April -09 to September -09.

At this reporting period, the project formed and capacitated 30 Task Force Committees in 30 villages. Each committee consists of 25 youth members. The committee members were capacitated on early warning, rescue and evacuation, water & sanitation, first aid and shelter management.

Conducted 06 mock drill programmes at 06 project villages in coordination with Fire Service Department. Representatives of 30

30 Task Force Committees were supported with disaster preparedness kits and conducted demonstration on its usage. All 30 committee members were provided common uniform and trained on usage of kits at risky situation.

Installed Early Warning Systems (EWS) at 30 project villages and conducted demonstration on its usage. The EWS is under the maintenance of the Village Reconstruction Committees (VRC) and village panchayats.

The project did vulnerability mapping in 30 project villages and prepared Disaster mitigation plan with active cooperation of Task Force Committee and general public. The consolidated report was submitted to District Administration and the village people were oriented on its outcome. Vulnerability map was drawn in a common place of 30 project villages for easy visibility and to act upon.

The project did house to house survey and prepared Household Mitigation Plan to 3500 families. All families were provided with Family Mitigation plan which contains important phone numbers, evacuation route, emergency kit etc.

School mitigation plans were prepared in 20 schools and trained 3000 students and 40 teachers on disaster preparedness. Colouring manuals were provided to 3000 students to understand various natural calamities and preparatory actions. 20 schools were supported with first aid kits and trained students on its usage.

04multipurpose halls were constructed in 04 villages namely Neithavasal, Vanagi, Pudhupattinam (Madavamedu) and Kattur. The halls were utilized for various multipurpose activities like SHG meetings, grama sabha meetings, village festivals etc and maintained by the concerned Village Reconstruction Committees.

Impact :

The reporting period of this project is from April -09 to September -09. During these 06
months, the project successfully did disaster mitigation plan in 30 project villages and advocated with District administration for necessary action. In addition, the project prepared household and school mitigation plans and trained 30 task force committees to face any disaster. The multipurpose halls constructed by the project are utilized for various purposes and being asset to the communities.

   Conclusion . . .

At this reporting period, Avvai has stabilized and strengthened its project activities in a sustainable way. Advocacy & Lobbying, Micro finance, Micro insurance, Staff capacity building, Monitoring & evaluation, Advocacy & linkages, Documentation were given priority. The progress towards achieving Society’s Vision and Mission is being measured through Annual Evaluation and Planning Meeting.

Avvai extend its gratitude to all Government Departments, National NGOs, International NGOs, Community Based Organizations and other like minded people who have joined hands with us towards achieving our vision by financial & technical support
and valuable participation.

   AVVAI's Partners in Development . . .
CHILDLINE India Fountation
CHILD Fund India
Central Social Welfare Board
Care India
Directorate of Social Welfare
Europiean Commission
HelpAge International
Individual & Institutional Donors
ICICI Prudentials
Ministry of Social Justice & Empowerment
Ministry of Women & Child Welfare
Save the Children
Tamil Nadu Voluntry Health Association
Tamil Nadu State Social Welfare Board
Tamil Nadu Corporation for Development of Women Ltd..

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