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Child Development Project:

Integrated development of the child is taken care, in the context of family, community and culture. The vital phases of the project are Early Childhood Care and Development, Basic education,Health and sanitation, Capacity building of community based organizations and Livelihood.

The project is implemented in 26 tsunami affected villages of Nagapattinam and Karaikal Region from April 2005

     Supported by: Christian Children’s       Fund


Supported by: Save the Children
Child Protection Project:

Restoration of normalcy in the lives of tsunami affected children and establishing sustainable community based organization to prevent discrimination, violence, abuse and neglect of child.It ensures the rights of children by promoting community groups like children groups, balpanchyat adolescent girls & youth groups and child protection committee. The project implemented in 13 Tsunami affected villages of Nagapattinam District from June 2005.

Pre-School Education :

Avvai runs 5 Creche centers from April 2002 with the support of Tamil Nadu State Social Welfare Board and 10 Creche centers from February 2006 with the support of Central Social Welfare Board in rural remote villages to promote quality of pre-school education in Kilvelur and Kollidam Block of Nagapattinam District. The children are taught alphabet, writing, songs, moral stories, value addition, indoor & outdoor games, drawings etc.Education and food are provided at free of cost.

Supported by: Tamil Nadu State Social                              Welfare  Board,Chennai &                               Central Social  Welfare Boad.

Supported by: Childline India Foundation, Mumbai

Nagai Children 1098 :

Nagai Childline 1098 is a 24-hour toll free phone call number destined to help children in distress.It aims to reach out to the most marginalized children and provide interventions like shelter,medical support, repatriation, rescue, emotional support and guidance.The programme functions at Nagapattinam from January 2005.

Community Awareness on Education :

Improvement of community awareness on education in 5 Tsunami affected villages in Nagapattinam District and ensuring school retention rate in the age group of 10 to 15 years through facilitation. The project focuses on capacity building of adolescent groups and quality of education. The project commenced from October 2006

Supported by: Care India.

Equitable rehabilitation of tsunami
victims Programme :

The project facilitate the marginalized communities to plan and implement rehabilitation activities for their own development. The project has been implemented within an integrated approach covering various sectors such as education, construction, agriculture, livelihood support and women empowerment; all of them through community involvement. A total number of 31 villages have been
selected for the project implementation in Sirkali and Kollidam blocks of Nagapattinam district, covering a total population of more than 12,000 families. The project is with effect from March 2005.


Supported by: Aide-et-Action


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