Senior Citizens Programme . . .
Day Care Center for the Aged

The centre provides an atmosphere for 50 elders to come together at one place and to share among themselves their emotional breakdown, family history, politics, cinema, feelings and past life. Food, shelter,counselling, medical care and recreation are provided for the betterment of the aged. The centre functions at Palayanur Melpathi village of Nagapattinam from February 2001.
Supported by: Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment, New Delhi

Elders Rehabilitation Programme

Provided relief materials to vulnerable elders immediately after tsunami and rehabilitated with social security, social protection and sustainable livelihood programmes from second year with community participation for the elders. The project works in 10 tsunami affected villages of Nagapattinam District from 2005. The programme aims at ensuring elder people in tsunami-affectedfamilies are treated with dignity,respect and guaranteed security in old age.

Supported by: HelpAge India, New Delhi.

Home for the Aged

The Home for the Aged provides accommodation, medical services, counseling assistance, recreation and income generation activities to deserted and neglected elders. The services ensure dignity and self-respect of elders. Avvai runs two Homes for the Aged one at Kilvelur and another at Sirkali of Nagapattinam District from 2000.

Supported by: Department of Social Welfare  & Ministry of Social Justice
                        and Empowerment, New Delhi

Sposor - A- Granny Programme

40 neglected and deserted elders are provided with nutritious food materials and petty cash to meet out their basic needs. The programme paves way for reuniting elders with their family by effective counseling. Medical care, recreation and network with
other like mined institution are adopted to ensure better quality of services to elders. The programme
functions at Kilvelur of Nagapattinam District from 1999.

Supported by: HelpAge International, United                          Kingdom


Water and Sanitation Programme

The programme promoted awareness on water and sanitation and formed WATSAN committees in 5 tsunami affected villages of Sirkali Block. A Sanitary complex at Kaveripoompattinam, Dust bin box for 5 villages and Garbage load vehicle were provided and strengthened the capacity of WATSAN Committees towards healthy environment. The programme implemented from November 2006.

Supported by : Care India.

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