Children Programmes

Nagapattinam Childline 1098


  • Nagapattinam Childline has received total calls of 1576. Of which 917 were intervention calls.
  • Conducted 60 school awareness campaigns on childline-1098 and 3986 Boys and 7661 Girls were benefited.
  • Through outreach covered 4075 Self Help Group members, 3120 children group members, 2254 auto drivers, 1650 municipal workers, 3400 shop keepers, 1512 flower knitting workers, 4224 fishing folk, 2486 daily wage workers, 1320 adolescents, 2070 youths, 275 ICDS workers, 149 VHNs, 675 teachers and 2850 IFAD workers.
  • Conducted 12 open house meetings and 676 were participated. The children and the local people knew a right place to report in case of child right violation occurred in their locality.
  • Organized Child Rights Week/CHILDREN DHOSTE week event. Totally 565 participants were took part in the programme.
  • The project strengthened its relationship with various allied departments on addressing children in distress such as Police, Health sector, CIC, CWC, ICDS, DSWO, Labour Office, DCPU and with District Administration.
  • On 19th November 2017, Nagapattinam Childline 1098 observed the World Day for Prevention of Child Abuse at Nagapattinam. The Village Resource Persons (VRPs) selected by the Social Audit Department were organized and thereby conducted the event. Totally 41 VRPs were participated.
  • On 17th November 2017, the Nagapattinam Childline 1098 organized workshop on child marriage at DMI, training hall, Nagapattin am. The District Child Marriage Prohibition Officer (DSW) presided the programme. DCPO, Anti Human Trafficking Unit and Nodal officials, Childline team members totally 15 were partici pated.
  • Childline India Foundation (CIF) visited the project and given guidance.
Reached 0 Children & Adult members through outreach activities
Reached 0 calls and out of that 917 are intervention calls.
0 Phone testing were done to ensure toll free connectivity.


The Nagapattinam Childline-1098 project successfully intervened with 917 cases with the support of allied system and rehabilitated.