Health Programmes

"Puthumalar" Integrated Rehabilitation Centre for Addicts


  • Admitted 180 cases and provided medical and psychological treatment. Out of 180 cases, 173 cases are leading drug free life.
  • Conducted 2350 Individual Counseling, 266 Group therapy, 48 Family therapy and  310 yoga therapy for drug addicts and facilitated for successful treatment.
  • 240 home visits and 748 follow up were made. Totally 232 cases were contacted and out of that 212 were sober.
  • Conducted 48 awareness programme on ill-effect of addiction and thereby 485young people and students, 552 women and 263 General Public were sensitized.
  • Organized a Rally considering International Day Against Drug Abuse on 26th June. The Revenue Divisional Officer flag on rally and 300 college students actively participated.
  • Organized 12 Alcoholic Anonymous (AA) Meeting for recovered persons and thereby 201 were participated.
  • Counsellors attended training organized by TTK and TTK-Chennai and RDI visited the project and given guidance.
  • Organized Clean India- Swatch Bharath programme for school children of Poravacherry, 68 children were benefited.
  • NABH Accreditation assessment was done in IRCA Nagapattinam and thereby accreditation for two year was recommended by the assessment team.  
Reached 0 community members through outreach activities
  0 Medical and Psychological treatment given for 180 addicts
  0 clients were rehabilitated successfully .


The project with its commendable efforts treated 173 cases and ensured sobriety. In addition, the project strengthened its network with line departments and advocated on preventive measure of addiction in the society.