Children Programmes

Creche Programme


  • There are 15 creches in which 458 children have benefited (Boys:214 and Girls:244). At this reporting period, 210 children (112 Girls and 98 Boys) who crossed age of 5 enrolled at nearby Primary School to continue their primary education.
  • Children were educated by using colourful charts, pictures, play materials and numbers.
  • Joined hands with local Village Health Nurses and supported on polio immunization, vitamin A solution to children and Iron & nutrition tablets to pregnant mothers.
  • Organized periodical meetings to 15 Local Committees on crèche management.
  • Conducted 176 Parents meetings and 2846 member have participated. The meetings focused on children’s enrolment, importance of early childhood care and development.
  • Project Officer from ICDS Dept. inspected the Creche centres and given suggestions.
  • Leveraged Rs.10000/- each as livelihood support to 98 BPL families from Vazhnthu kattuvom. 
Reached 0 Underprivileged children through 15 creche centres
0 Children were enrolled at nearby schools
0 children received vitamin A solutions


The Project supported 458 children successfully to obtain play way education, nutrition and better health status and enrolled 210 eligible children at nearby school to continue their primary education.