Awareness programme on Environmental hazards of Electronic waste


  • The Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MeitY) in partnership with NASSCOM Foundation, MAIT & CEAMA has embarked upon an Awareness Programme on Environmental Hazards of Electronic Waste under the ‘Digital India Initiative’ at Puducherry city.
  • Through this project, the schools & college students were educated on e-waste management. Moreover the related stakeholders such as Bulk consumers, Dealers, Manufacturers, Refurbishers and Resident Welfare Association members were educated on Environmental Hazards of Electronic waste, importance of E-bin, health hazards, environmental pollution, collection, segregation and RRR. Totally 6062 were participated and benefited.
  • Mr. Murthy¬† Deputy Director Education Department, Mr. Rithosh Chandra, Fire Officer, Puducherry, Mr. Ramesh, Environmental Engineer, Science Technology and Environment Department, Puducherry were presided the events.
  • The participants were educated on health hazards of e-waste, method of segregation, e-bin establishment and briefed them on authorised recyclers. Moreover the RWA members were educated on the method of handling the e-waste and proper disposal of e-waste. Bit notice and posters¬† was distributed and posters were released.
Reached 0 school & college children through outreach activities
Trained 0 stakeholders of RWA, Bulk consumers, Dealers, Manufacturers and Refurbishers on e-waste management.
Sensitized 0 people on Environmental Hazards of Electronic Waste under the 'Digital India Initiative' at Puducherry city.


The programme created mass awareness on e-waste among school and college students and related stakeholders. Being a city, the Govt. officials welcomed the project activity and thanked for creating a greater impact.