Health Programmes

"Gandhiji" Integrated Rehabilitation Centre for Addicts


  • During the reporting period, the centre admitted 228 cases and 203 cases were leading a drug free life.
  • Conducted 2500 individual counseling, 266 group therapy, 48 family therapy, 18 role plays, 286 yoga & meditations for drug addicts to make the treatment successful.
  • 296 home visits and 888 regular follow up counseling sessions were conducted and re-ensured sobriety of 272 cases.
  • organized 48 Awareness programmes on ill-effects of addiction to high risk groups and thereby 1452 were sensitized.
  • 24 Alcoholic Anonymous (AA) meetings were conducted and 492 sober patients were participated
  • Observed International Day against Drug Abuse and illicit trafficking along with NSS & NCC 500 volunteers at Karaikal. The District Collector awarded the sober with medal and appreciated. NSS Co- ordinator, Assistant Director Social Welfare, Special Branch Police Inspector and Rotary club president were participated.
  • In association with ttk-chennai, Baseline Survey on assessing drug addicts at Karaikal was on progress.
  • Organized Clean India- Swatch Bharath programme for school children of Thalatheru, 180 children were benefited.
  • TTK –Chennai and Welfare Inspector, AD social welfare-Karaikal visited the project and given guidance.
Reached 0 community members through outreach activities
  0 Medical and Psychological treatment given for 228 addicts
  0 clients were rehabilitated successfully