Women Empowerment

"Adaikalam" – Swadhar Greh Programme


  • At this reporting period, the Home taken care of 58 inmates and 18 children who come out of difficult circumstances.
  • 28 inmates were newly admitted and 28 inmates were discharged. At present, 30 inmates  are taken care at Home. 
  • Conducted 48 village level awareness programmes  and totally 893 members were participated
  • At this reporting period, 31 Home visits and 52  Follow up were done and found persons self employed and leading a happy life.
  • Organized 04 Home committee meetings and there by 06 clients were rehabilitated with support of committee members of which 04 clients joined with the spouse.
  • Tamil Nadu State Social Welfare Board, District Social Welfare Officer were visited the project and given guidance.    
  • The project has successfully rehabilitated 28  inmates with the support of allied departments.
  • The inmates at Home are entertained with vocational skills like basket knitting, tailoring and paper cover making.
  • The children are enrolled in nearby schools for continuing his/her education.
  • The staffs took part in legal camp organized by DLSA and DSWO at Nagapattinam.
Reached 0 community members through outreach activities
0 women 18 children were supported with counselling assistance, shelter, food, medical care and recreation.
0 women were rehabilitated successfully


The community awareness programme on women rights enriched level of awareness about the functions of the project and its activities for women and girls under difficult circumstances. The discharged inmates are leading a happy life with their family members and some were self employed. welfare office.