Women Empowerment

"Marumalarchi" –Swadhar Greh Programme


  • At this reporting period, the project taken care of 61 inmates under distress through counseling support.
  • 30 inmates were admitted newly and 29 inmates were rehabilitated and rejoined with their parents and spouse. At present, 30 inmates are taken care at Home.
  • Conducted 168 individual counseling sessions,  32 home visits , 30 follow –ups and 1 referral. 
  • Conducted 48 community awareness programmes on swadhar functions, women’s rights, issues of domestic violence and 869 members  were participated.
  • Vocational trainings were provided to 42 inmates on tailoring, embroidering, basket making with bamboo, cover making and flower garland. 29 inmates were self-employed after discharge from the Home.
  • Organized 04 Home committee meetings and there by 05 clients were rehabilitated with support of committee members of which 04 clients joined with the spouse.
  • Tamil Nadu State Social Welfare Board, District Social Welfare Officer were visited the project and given guidance.    
Reached 0 community members through outreach activities
0 women 05 children were supported with counselling assistance, shelter, food, medical care and recreation.
0 women were rehabilitated successfully


The project successfully reunited 29 deserted inmates with their family members through counseling process and made them self-employed by providing vocational skill.